I empower, guide, and support you to raise happy and healthy kids.

Lots of changes take place in the first three years of your baby's life.  

Hi, I am Dr. Ya-Ju.

I'm a pediatric physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of 0-3 years with a wide variety of diagnosis and abilities. More importantly, I am a wife and a first generation mother in the US.

I created Movement Matters Physical Therapy specially to help Asian moms connect and raise children optimally. 
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What Parents Are Saying...

We met Ya-Ju when our daughter, Quinn, was 8 months old and had a neurological episode. She had lost all of her strength and function. We were told that PT and OT were our only options to gain back what was lost. Ya-Ju came to our house and worked with Quinn every week until we decided to move back home to Michigan. Ya-Ju genuinely cared for Quinn and wanted her to succeed in reaching her goals. Quinn did become stronger as months went on and wished we could have worked with Ya-Ju longer. We were so sad to say goodbye. Ya-Ju still checks in on Quinn quite often even after a couple of years being gone. 
- The Eiguren Family

Ya-Ju was Nura's physical therapist from the very beginning for three years. The work, passion and dedication that Ya-Ju puts into is astounding. My daughter, Nura, was diagnosed with down syndrome and the doctors told me her low muscle tone would give her so many issues while walking and running. 
However, with Ya-Ju, we would immediately see how much Nura was able to do. Ya-Ju introduced us to shoe inserts (no one ever told us about that), she gave us exercises to do at home for the week and when Ya-Ju would begin her sessions with Nura, they both would work extra hard together as a team. 
Having Ya-Ju in our life as my daughter's physical therapist is nothing short of a miracle. Ya-Ju is family to us. Thank you for everything you have done for Nura.

- The Hoda Family

My daughter started working with Ya-ju at around age 8months, but adjusted age was more like 5months given her prematurity in the Fall of 2018. Ya-Ju was great with creating exercises that targeted her needs as well as ones that would steer her towards catching up. She partnered with us as a family and communicated well the treatment expectations and goals. When COVID-19 happened and we had to transition to telehealth, it seemed daunting.  BUT, Ya-ju kept it engaging for my daughter who was now a toddler.  She also made it manageable for us as parents who had to do the hands-on. Great communication continued, organization with the necessary prep was essential especially for a zoom session, and Ya-ju made that seamless.  The experience was still fun and engaging given the circumstances. Never did my daughter not want to participate because Ya-ju always kept it creative and fun. The end result is evident that nothing was lost in terms of achieving my daughter's PT goals via telehealth.
- Janis (Dossen) Jones, MD
  • Are you an Asian mom who feels alone in a foreign country raising your child?

  • Do you want to connect with other Asian moms with similar cultural backgrounds and beliefs?

  • Would you prefer speaking Mandarin over English?

  • Are you challenged or overwhelmed with wondering whether your child is developing properly?


It is not easy raising a child in a foreign country without the closest support system around. Culture plays a huge role in raising a child. It’s important to know whether your child is developing properly, and NOT let language cause a barrier to getting your child the help he or she needs.

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More Successful Stories

I want to thank Ya-Ju Wang for the wonderful job that she has been doing for my child Nayeli. We started therapy class with Ya-Ju Wang for about 4 months now and I see such a difference in my child. Nayeli has learned so much in a short period of time. When my child first started with Ya-Ju Wang she was unable to crawl she was doing a army crawl and in less then a few visits Nayeli was crawling. Ya-Ju Wang help Nayeli stand alone and now on the process of helping her walk. Nayeli is learning so quickly and I couldn’t have done it with out the help of Ya-Ju Wang. I would also like to thank you for helping my child’s needs during this covid time. So if u feel ur child needs help please consider Ya-Ju Wang cause she is doing a great job with my child’s progress.

- The Gonzales Family

Ya-Ju started working with my son, Aidan since he was 11 months old until he was a few months shy of turning three years old. My child has always been a strong-willed child, but Ya-Ju continuously demonstrated patience and calmness during our sessions. She was always punctual and professional. My child would often look forward to his PT sessions and had a great time as Ya-Ju implemented all of his goals in a natural environment.
We also worked with Ya-Ju during the lockdown and participated in telehealth (virtual classes). Ya-Ju was very organized during these sessions, and I believe Aidan received the same quality of care as if we were seeing her in-person. Aidan progressed during their time together, and I am appreciative of that. We're so thrilled that we got to work with such a passionate and knowledgeable therapist as Ya-Ju.

- L.L.

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