Baby's Head Shape/寶寶的頭型

0-3 months

Why head shape matters?

Is plagiocephaly just cosmetic?
Have you asked yourself those questions as a new parent? Those are common questions that I have been asked by my clients. As a pediatric physical therapy, I am here to say “Yes, babies’ head shape matter.”
Any full-term baby probably born with some minor muscle asymmetries from the womb position and limited space in the womb. Usually, it is very subtle that a parent would not notice. Those muscle asymmetries can contribute to baby turning the head to a preferred side, and that further contributing to increased chance of head flattening.
With so many kinds of baby devices on the market, it makes sense that more babies nowadays spend a lot of time contained. Those devices are more likely worsen muscle asymmetries and limit baby’s ability to move freely. Play unrestricted and play in various positions throughout a day are crucial for plagiocephaly prevention.
Baby’s head shape can tell us a lot about baby’s movements. Movement matters (this is so important so I even name my business after this), so baby’s head shape matters.
 - Children learn through movements. Movements provide opportunities for exploration and early learning.
 - Decreased movement = decreased sensory experience = less time for strengthening and stretching
 - Torticollis can impact vision, posture, balance, and movement.
So head shape is not just about cosmetic. It is so much more!
Watch the video to learn how to check your baby’s head shape. Early detection can minimize the chance of wearing a helmet.

Ps . Baby’s head can be corrected without a helmet is 2-3 months-old. Once baby knows how to roll independently which is around 4-6 month-old, then it will be helmet time. If you need some tips on helping your baby's head shape, you know what to a 15 min discovery call with me. Don't wait and see!


現在市場上有很多不同的嬰兒用品,加上家長忙碌,導致這個年代的新生兒有很多時間都是被放在嬰兒用品裡的。這些嬰兒用品,通常會讓肌肉不對稱更加嚴重,且限制了寶寶的活動。預防寶寶頭型歪掉最重要的兩個因素:1) 身體不受限制地玩/動 2) 一天之中有多種不同的擺放姿勢。
- 孩子是在動作中學習的 (Children learn through movements. )。動作提供了探索的機會,更能促進寶寶的學習。
- 減少動作機會=減少感覺經驗=漸少肌肉變強壯跟伸展的機會。
- 斜頸會影響到孩子的視覺,姿勢,平衡,和動作。

Ps. 在寶寶會翻身前(4-6個月大),要改善寶寶的頭型,只做物理治療不需要戴頭盔的成功率是非常高的!如果需要一些改善頭型的小技巧,我想你應該知道怎麼做.....趕快跟我約15分鐘Discovery call :)

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