Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide is here! They are divided into age groups. The toys on this list are my tried and true favorites as a pediatric physical therapist and mom.
Some of the links are affiliate links. That means Movement Matters Physical Therapy may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. When you purchase from these links you are supporting my work and allowing me to keep producing free content for this community, and I appreciate it so much!
The last page of the gif guide I list items for bilingualism.  I got most bilingual books from Yo! Baby store. They have lots of great stuff...Go check it out :)

Holiday gift guide is here! 這些禮物是按照孩子年齡分的。在上面的東西都是身為PT和媽媽的我很喜歡的。有些連結是affiliate links,也就是說Movement Matters Physical Therapy有可能從中獲取一些小小的利潤,但對你來說並沒有多花錢。當你從連結購買物品,你也間接地在支持我的work也讓我能夠繼續create一些免費的資訊幫助新手父母和孩子,真的非常感激!希望這個Guide可以幫你減少一些research的時間!
Gift guide的最後一頁是適合送給雙語家庭的禮物,我們家大部分雙語的繪本和互動書都是在Yo!Baby 買的,大家有興趣也可以參考喔。

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