How to safely put your baby into the sleep space without hurting yourself/如何讓自己不受傷的將寶寶放上床

4-6 months



1) 把寶寶抱得很近,緊貼著你的身體,然後用蹲的。
2) 把寶寶抱得很近,緊貼著你的身體,然後從屁股的地方彎且同時把背打直。

Have you ever wondered how to put your baby into the crib when he/she grows bigger? Or have you started to have some back ache due to constantly bending over to pick up your baby from the crib?

You come to the right place. I am going to show you how to safely put your little one into the sleep space without hurting yourself.
There are two tips:
1) Keep your baby close to you and squat.
2) Keep your baby close and hinge from your hips.
Please try your best not bend your back because that put you in a higher risk to develop back pain.

Watch the video to learn the details.

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