How to choose the first pair of shoes for your little one?/要如何幫寶寶選購第一雙鞋呢 ?

10-12 months walking

Isn’t it so exciting to see you little one takes the first step? It’s time to get her/him a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes.

There are so many options in the marking which do not make our life easier. I am going to share with you what to look for and why they are so important.
Facts about our feet:
1) Young children’s feet are partially all cartilage, poorly fitting shoes can cause problems that last throughout their lives. Bone grows stronger toward the directions they accepting pressure which means having a good alignment is critical. A nice and supportive shoe should do a good job on keeping those small feet in place.
2) The majority of bone development occurs by 7 years old which means the shoes worn before age 7 can significantly impact foot development. The process of this becoming bone, and strong muscles that support the entire weight of the body is only finished around age 16.
Here you can see the clear difference between a toddler foot and an adult foot.
If you have any concerns or questions about your little one’s feet. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I also provide toddler foot assessment to help you find the most supportive shoes for your little one. Please schedule a free 15 min discovery call to find out more.


1) 寶寶的腳的骨頭大部分還是軟骨,密度不像我們大人成熟的骨頭一樣高。而骨頭的生長是靠骨頭受力跟受力方向生長的,所以腳的骨頭排列(alignment)很重要。我們大人腳長出來的骨刺,通常也都是因為腳的位置跟勢力方向不理想,所以導致的。排列位置理想,腳也才能長得好。
2) 嬰幼兒的腳還在成長,通常要到七歲才比較成熟,而要到16歲左右才會跟我們大人的腳一樣。
如果對寶寶選鞋有疑問,或是想要有專業的建議,我提供嬰幼兒足部評估喔!就請和我預約15分鐘Discovery call吧!

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