What does that mean when the pediatrician says my baby has hypotonia? /醫生說我的寶寶肌肉張力低(低張),這是什麼意思呢?

7-9 months

Let’s talk about what muscle tone is.

Muscle tone is the tension in the relaxed muscle, or the resistance in the relaxed muscle.
What does that really mean? How does that affect my child’s function?
Let’s use rubber band as an example.
I have two rubber bands. Rubber band A is a new one, and rubber band B is an old one.

If I am going to tie my hair up, I just need 2 reps from rubber band A, but I probably need 4-5 reps from rubber band B.

Now, we use this concept to look at baby’s muscle tension. Baby with low muscle tone requires more work to get to the same muscle strength compared to baby with normal muscle tone.

That is also the reason why that baby with low muscle tone seems like a “lazy” baby.
BUT IN REALITY, there is no lazy baby. It takes so much work for them to complete certain tasks, so they get tired faster.
If your baby has low muscle tone or hypotonia, it is recommended to see a pediatric physical therapist. We can modify activities to fit your little one’s level, so your child can enjoy play, and so do you too! (Schedule a 15 min free discovery call to here)
Please watch the video to learn more.




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