Relationship between Reflux & Gross Motor Development/ 胃食道逆流和動作發展的關聯性

0-3 months
Relationship between Reflux & Gross Motor Development/ 胃食道逆流和動作發展的關聯性/物理治療/ Wellness

Things you need to know about reflux

  1. Torticollis and premature babies have high correlation with reflux
  2. Reflux occurs in 1 in 4 kids.
  3. Reflux will probably lead to delays if not addressed.
  4. Reflux sets around 8 weeks, peaks at 4 months, and resolve at 12 months.

Reflux is a symptom not a disease, and there are many reasons can cause reflux. I’m not gonna talk about what cause it and how to treat reflux. However, I’m going to share what the relationship between reflux and gross motor development is.

Due to the anatomical position, baby with reflux tends to develop an atypical posture  …trunk bends toward left side and rotate away toward right side. They tends to look at certain directions….does not it sound like a torticollis?  Yes….there is 27% of reflux babies have torticollis.

They usually do not like flexion and tummy time because that put pressure on the stomach which cause extra discomfort. In that sense, they usually do not enjoy car seat and they like throwing themselves backwards using extension pattern. Overtime, they most likely develop poor movement patterns and strategies which further impact the way they roll, crawl, wall, and etc.

 Yes reflux resolves itself around 12 months. There is nothing wrong if you choose do nothing or wait-and-see approach. But why not be proactive on your child’s wellness 😊. Baby advances the gross motor skills every two months in the first year of life. Movement shapes the brain, and helps with all areas of developments. If you have a reflux baby, I’m more than happy to help to make sure she or he set on the development and use their body optimally. Welcome to schedule a free 15 min Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit :)


  1.  斜頸和早產兒和胃食道逆流有很大的關聯性。
  2. 1/4的新生兒有食道逆流的問題。
  3. 食道逆流的問題如果沒有被改善,很有可能導致發展遲緩。
  4. 食道逆流的問題大概八週大可以確定、四個月大最嚴重、而到十二個月大就好了。



食道逆流的寶寶通常不喜歡身體前傾(flexion)Tummy Time, 因為這些姿勢會讓腹部壓力增加,使他們更不舒服。也因為這樣,他們通常不喜歡坐在汽座內,很喜歡整個人身體往後甩(extension)…長時間下來會影響動作方式和技巧,影響翻身、爬行、和走路等的發展。

雖然說食道逆流在十二個月大就會自己好了。有些家長選擇什麼都不做,時間到了就好了。這樣其實沒有錯,但是能夠為孩子的overall wellness proactive 一些,不是很好嗎?嬰兒在一歲前,每兩個月就會解鎖一些動作上的新技能。動作朔造大腦的迴路,更幫助各方面的發展。如果你家寶貝有食道逆流的問題,我很樂意幫助你們,確定寶寶的發展都在理想的時間軸上和理想的使用他的身體。請先與我預約免費的15分鐘Discovery call,看看我們是不是good fit :)

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