Resources While We’re All Home


<Information on Coronavirus>

1. Government recommendations: The CDC Website
2. Health recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics
3. A comic for kids to help explain coronavirus

<Personal Assistance>

Need groceries but can’t take your kid to the store? Need someone to watch your kid so you can actually work? Next Door connects you with the people in your neighborhood. Post here if you need something, or want to provide services to your neighbors.

<Kids Activities involving screens (so you can work)>

1. Youtube channels to get your kids moving! (My favorite :) Cosmic Kids Yoga, GoNoodle
2. PBS kids video (free educational videos right now) and the PBS games app
3. BrainPop (free access for school closures)
Watch the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

<Kids Activities you can do together>

1. Arts and crafts ideas: Hello, Wonderful, TinkerLab,
2. Scholastic Resources: Learn At Home, Activites, and Printables
3. Learning Resources: KiwiCo, OtherGoose

Baby 1st Shoes Shopping Guide

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