Why crawling is such an important miles?/為什麼爬行是個很重要的里程碑?

7-9 months crawling

You probably heard someone said crawling is good for babies. But do you know why?

Crawling is a great activity to stimulate the connection of our left and right brain.
Now you probably have another question about why it is important?
The left-side brain controls the right-side body movements, and vice versa. Therefore, in order to have great coordination, the left brain and right brain need to work together very well. Activities that require coordination…such as going up/down stairs, jumping, riding a bike, and etc. And of course, different kinds of sports also require high coordination.
Other than movements, what other benefits?
Our brain controls not only movements but also emotional regulation.
Our left brain is responsible for communication and language, and our right brain is responsible for emotion and facial recognition. Emotional regulation skills and being express how you feel, being understand you hurt someone’s feeling…. that requires whole brain to function…. not just for motor skills, also emotional regulation.
I share more benefits of crawling in the video. Please take a look to learn more!



左大腦還掌管溝通和語言,而右大腦掌管情緒和表情辨識(facial recognition)。

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